Our vision is to ensure the establishment’s development in a way that needs of society and business world are met constantly considering global trend in VTE; to give graduates necessary qualifications to be employed locally, nationally and internationally; to make the establishment an attraction center; to be acknowledged as an honorable member of VTE community; to contribute to the transfer of international knowledge of VTE to the country; Vocational and Technical Higher Education being a priority, to take active role in forming VTE policies and strategies; to benefit to the maximum from the  opportunities deriving especially from EU admittance process.


Our mission is to raise qualified man power in order to increase competition capacities of industry, commerce and service sector; to give weight to certificate education as well as diploma education; to put competition in service, productivity and quality in the center; to communicate and to be in cooperation with the business world and society, based on a mutually beneficial basis; to make the establishment effective in the development of vocational schools, For this purpose, to serve as a center of attraction; to take active roles in national and international VTE organizations, to organize symposiums, conferences, seminars etc, or to participate in such events; to exchange knowledge and experience internationally through agreements; to develop projects for EU, USA, Eurasia and business world.