Designed to be used in distinguishing the institutional identity of our vocational school, our emblem first considers the concepts of originality, modernity, aesthetics, color, graphic, simplicity and integrity.

The Hittite sun and other main colors used in the emblem indicate the attachement of the school on the principles of Ankara University. The triangle in our emblem, which generally uses sharp geometric shapes in order to emphasize the seriousness of our services, calls for Elmadağ with a high hill image, where our school is located and names our school. The bright area to the left of the triangle also symbolizes the scientific light of Ankara University reflected on the Elmadag  on the west of the district. Besides the triangle, which we expect to be scraped into the minds of vocational school students as a symbol, shows that we are aiming higher by pointing an upward direction. The circle just above the triangle, which resembles the sun, describes the Vocational School as a rising sun with the contributions to Elmadağ. The rising bars used on the sun indicate the competing environment our school belongs and the eight bars indicate the eight reference levels defined by learning outputs on the basis of the European Qualifications Framework.

Fifth of these bars is marked with the tip of the colored triangle. Thereby this marking shows that our graduates acquires the fifth of the eight level output which is the technician.