The purpose of Bureau Management And Executive Assistantship Department is to train high level bureau personnel, bureau supervisors and executive assistants who knows at least one foreign language well, are experts on using computers, can use methods and principles of bureau management professionally, can establish good human relations, can type fast with ten fingers without looking, can use all kinds of bureau equipment, know modern protocols and are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills that meets the needs of rapidly changing and developing business world.

When graduated, students are given the title of “Bureau Management Profession Member”. Graduates can be employed under private and state sector in the field of Bureau Management and Executive Assistantship. Professionals do typing, calculations and graphics on computer environment that executive wants, they plan executive’s meetings, travels, receptions etc, file incoming and out-going papers and deliver incoming files to executive.

Students of Bureau Management and Executive Assistantship Department, graduate with knowledge, skills and habits listed below

  • They know at least one foreign language.
  • They specialize in computer usage.
  • They utilize Bureau Management principles professionally.
  • They can establish good human relations.
  • They can type fast with ten fingers without looking.
  • They can use any bureau technology.
  • They have the modern protocol knowledge.

Graduates of Bureau Management and Executive Assistantship Program can be transferred vertically to Bureau Management Teaching, Public Relations and Advertisement, Public Relations and Publicity, Business Information Management, Health Institutions Administration, Management Information Systems, Advertisement and Public Relations programs.