Electronic technology program explains the principles of using electronics on industry. An Industrial Electronic Technician is a person who has necessary basic electronics knowledge, recognizes electronic systems and equipments used on industry and knows their specifications and can practice this knowledge on industrial systems and equipments.

Students of Electronic Technology graduate with knowledge, skills and habits listed below

  • Know basic working electronic principles of the equipment for which they are responsible.
  • Know basic principles of digital electronics and know how to design.
  • Know the architecture, programming and applications of microprocessors.
  • Know working principles of automated and electronic control equipments.
  • Design drafts of clearly understandable bloc diagrams of electric and electronic circuits and mechanical hardware.
  • Assemble, maintain and repair various electronic devices.
  • Adapts theories of digital electronics and microprocessors to industrial electronics.
  • Understands new technologies related to their respective industry and advice technical personnel about applicability of these new technologies.

Graduates of this program can be employed by public institutions, private sectors that make production in field of electrics and industrial electronics, and by any establishments that use electronic systems in any stage of the production.