The purpose of Accounting and Taxation Program is to train qualified workforce for industry and commerce sector and for financial organizations and to meet their intermediate workforce needs on accounting and pre-accounting.

Students of Accounting and Taxation graduate with knowledge, skills and habits listed below

  • They can use computer package programs related to their fields.
  • They can conduct a correspondence using computer.
  • They can prepare printed papers, gather information and use available information.
  • They recognize most of the printed papers used in business and edit them.
  • They gain the ability to edit ledgers classically or by entering them on computer environment (journal, general ledger, inventory book, business records etc) according to Tax Procedure Law and other procedure and standards.
  • They gain practical ability on office planning, archiving and personnel management.
  • They gain the habit of working in a planned and systematic manner.

Graduates can be employed by accounting and inspection departments of bigger corporations, financial consultancy bureaus and management and organization department of banks. They can also be employed by finance and accounting departments of international corporations with the help of their English terminology of accounting and regulations knowledge.